Intensive Mixer Machines

The Mixer Machines are modern gear imagined/composed to make sustenance, substance, artistic mixture or other sort of item, supplanting physical work through a mechanical framework that permits to create, ceaselessly, huge amounts of batter. In addition, Mixer Machines are made by Interconnection out of innovative process that permits to the administrator the control of the blending procedure and other work process (programming speeds and times; blending components). The name originates from the framework utilized in equipment that blends the batter in the planets pivot course. Intensive Mixing Machines are perfect to deliver cake items, for example, emulsions, creams, hitters and other modern sweets that require bigger, speedier and effective turn developments.

Key Features:
  • Primary capacity is the ability to assemble contents
  • Including content homogeneously and normally
  • Accompanies idealize curvilinear developments and loaded with power
  • Fit for accomplish the quality demanded by the recipes makers
Product Image (Counter Current Intensive Mixture - 750, 1000)

Counter Current Intensive Mixer

Price: 3000000-5000000 INR/Unit

Specification :

  • High rpm mixture machines
  • Designed to meet the requirements of refractory units .
  • Used for mixing under atmospheric pressure
  • Processing can be performed either singly or in combinations in one machine

Product Image (24)

Intensive Mixer

Price: 3000000-5000000 INR/Set

Specification :

  • Capacity : 750 L/1000 kg
  • Design : Standard
  • OEM Service : Yes
  • Material : Refractory Ceramics



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